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OMB Approved # 3206-0246
Expires: 3/31/2017
Privacy Act Statement

Agency Officials: Registration

To register as an Agency Official, complete the form below and then select Submit. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk(*). "Agency" should reflect your agency headquarters. (For example, if you work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you would select "U.S. Department of Justice" under Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation under Sub-Agency.) Once you have been approved you will receive an email confirmation. This may take up to two business days.

(Example: ### - ### - ####)

(Example: ### - ### - ####)

*Can we list your name and contact information on our website as a contact for this program to be made available only to registered Agency Officials, registered students, and registered Principal Investigators?

Choose a Password - Please choose a password to secure your access for future visits to those pages restricted to Agency Officials.

Please enter a password and confirm it below. Your Password must be at least 8 characters and must contain 3 of the following:

      1.  Uppercase Letter (A-Z)
      2.  Lowercase Letter (a-z)
      3.  Number (0-9)
      4.  Special character (!, _, #, @, $, %, &, *, +, =, ?, {, },:, [, ])

Passwords are case-sensitive and limited to 30 characters. Upon confirmation from the Program Office, you will be issued a User ID. If you have difficulty in changing your password, send an email to

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